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With biocomposite materials made of recycled plastics and locally sourced agricultural byproducts, our materials support both the environment and the community. 

"You Can Do It."


Enjoying a relaxing day at the lake, canoeing the boundary waters, hiking our beautiful state parks, dominating your work at the office, breezing through a side project at home, or just simply waking up in the morning, coffee lifts us up and allows us all to get the most out of our day. Not just a coffee mug made of coffee, The Joey, represents all of the ways that a steaming or ice cold cup of joe can inspire us to achieve more, and adventure further. With #WheresJoey, you can share your love of coffee and adventure amongst a community of fellow adventurists.


Whether you're making the most out of a day on the lake, exploring the vastness of our woodlands, gliding through the extensive boundary waters or taking on greater responsibilities within the workplace, we are all striving for more. This is what we believe coffee truly represents, the desire for more, the desire to have a headstart on the day, the desire to take action on dreams and shape them into reality, the desire for more coffee. Made of coffee, for coffee, The Joey is the embodiment of this representation. #WheresJoey is applicable to all coffee inspired desires and achievements. By adding #WheresJoey and sharing these moments of achievement, they can now live on, and inspire others within the community. Motivating them to go further and achieve more.


Achievements come in all sizes and all are equal. All represent the accomplishment of overcoming obstacles both physical and nonphysical. No matter how large or small, add #WheresJoey and share your love of coffee and adventure with us. See below, for previous posts from our community.

The Joey


Add #WheresJoey to your photos and share your love of coffee an adventure with us!

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