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c2renew inc. designs and produces bio-composite materials specifically for your applications.

“c2renew’s material understanding goes beyond the formulation; it extends into the pre-production and processing steps as well. we appreciated the on-site support and expertise in the development and molding of these formulated resins.”

sales engineer - injection molding company

we can work with your company at the design level, to tailor make the perfect bio-composite for your specific application. whether you need a drop-in replacement or entirely new component, our team of engineers can provide you with exactly what your company needs. 


we have years of experience working with a wide variety of thermoplastics including PP, PE, PLA, ABS, ABS/PC, and PA.


“this new material is something that the market has been want or a while, and we couldn't be more excited to partner with a company like c2renew to be the ones to deliver it to our customers."

ceo - prosthesis manufacture

using low cost biomass in place of expensive base resins, we can reduce the cost of your polymers while maintaining or improving the mechanical properties of the structure. by utilizing local agricultural byproducts to replace petroleum feedstock, these formulations are both good for the environment and the community.


biomass: organic matter used as a filler in a plastics.


biomass options

flax fiber

c2renew are experts in their field. they are very easy to work with and we look forward to working with them more in the future.”


ceo - biomaterial supply company

with years of experience and the latest technology, our formulations are independent of any single biomass source. we can use different combinations to maintain the same properties and cost. for higher temperature thermoplastics such as ABS or PA, we use thermally stabilized biomass to prevent off-gassing during production.

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