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c2renew has experienced engineers on hand, to design a range of plastic and composite components for your company.

with experienced engineers on staff and a full suite of 3D design software. we have the capabilities to run design, manufacturing, and testing simulations, prior to the start of real-world production. utilizing these simulations dramatically reduces the initial production cost while providing confidence in your products performance. 


whether you need a drop-in replacement or entirely new component, our team of engineers can provide you with exactly what your company needs. 



“we appreciate the quick response to our issues, impartial solutions, and independent testing of the results. c2renew is a great resource for us and I expect that we will continue to use them on additional projects in the future.”

engineer - furniture manufacturer

we specialize in natural and recycled materials, but we also have years of experience working with more performance based materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar.



thank you for being a technology partner. your expertise in materials and attention to detail was very apparent throughout the entire project.”


design team lead - aerospace company

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