c2renew has worked independently and collaboratively to bring the following products to life.



A coffee cup made from coffee.

We have created many different biocomposites for various customers, but we have never created anything that was 100% done for us. So we thought about ways to take one of our favorite things, coffee,  and use it in a new and innovative design. Thus, the c2cup was born.

To develop the cup, we created a new biocomposite formulation which is a hybridization of a bio-based resin and cofee waste. We then used that biocomposite to make 3D printer filament and printed the first coffee cup. 

With the success of the 3D printed cup, we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to create an injection molding tool so that we could produce c2cups on a larger scale.  On October 11, 2015 our campaign was funded and we raised $21,480 with the help of 289 backers.  Come December our first shipment of c2cups will be out and folks around the world will be enjoying their coffee in a whole new way.  




An eco-friendly toothbrush.

In a partnership with Bogobrush - a company that gives a toothbrush for every one bought - we've helped create the first bio-degradeable toothbrush on the market. The bio-degradable brush is made from plant based materials sourced from American farms and can be thrown into a compost pile to biodegrade once worn out. Each brush is 100% born in the USA with materials, production, and shipping all taking place in North Dakota and the surrounding area.

This fully recycleable toothbrush line with the buy one give one model is both socially and environmentally friendly. To help support this sustainable business or learn more, invest by supporting Bogobrush on WeFunder!



EarthKind Pouch Pod

All natural repellent holder.

Collaborative design between c2renew and EarthKind is what brought the Pouch Pod to life. This pod can be hung or set on a flat surfae to house the natural pest repellents created by EarthKind. Made out of flax, beet, and sunflower hulls sourced from North Dakota farms, the pod fits into the biobased focus of the company.

The pod can be used for up to three years before decomposition begins. For all natural insect and pest repellent, vist the EarthKind website where the Pouch Pod and other EarthKind products can be bought.