c2renew designs custom formulations for each customer to produce a biocomposite specifically for the desired application.

We can work with your company at the design stage to tailor make the biocomposite for the part as well as help design the part for the application. If the part is already designed or in production, we can also produce a biocomposite formulation which will serve as a drop in replacement for a polymer.

c2renew has experience working with a wide variety of thermoplastics including: PP, PE, PLA, ABS, ABS/PC, and PA.

A multitude of agricultural inputs are possible as fillers:

  • flax fiber or shive
  • wood flour
  • hemp fiber or hurd
  • sunflower hull
  • dried distiller grains with solubles
  • soybean hull
  • oat hull
  • sugar beet pulp

With our experience and technology, our formulations are dependent on no single biomass source; we can use different combinations to maintain the same properties and cost. For higher temperature thermoplastics such as ABS or PA, we use thermally stabilized biomass to prevent off gassing during production.



“c2renew’s material understanding goes beyond the formulation; it extends into the pre-production and processing steps as well.  We appreciated the on-site support and expertise in the development and molding of these formulated resins.”

Sales Engineer - Injection Molding Company