In a partnership with 3Dom USA, a collection of bio-based 3D printing filaments called the c2composies have been developed. Our expertise in biocomposite formulation matched with the expertise 3Dom USA has in producing filament means that anyone with a 3D printer capable of printing PLA can print with the following custom filaments. 


Wound Up

A caffinene-filled filament!

Wound Up is the first filament in the c2composite collection. This rich brown filament is made using coffee byproducts that are typrically thrown out. Would Up gives these coffee leftovers a new life as a filament with endless possibilities. 

If you're interested in printing coffee, you can purchase the filament here

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A beer based filament!

Buzzed is our second filament developed with 3Dom USA. This filament is made from byproducts of beer production, so now it is possible to enjoy beer in a completely different way. Buzzed produces a golden colored product with a natural grain

You can purchase the filament here - please print responsibly.

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A hemp based filament!

Entwined is the thrid filament in the c2composite collection.  This filament is made from Manitoba-grown industrial hemp and is a new, creative way to use a biomaterial that's been around for centuries. Printing Entwined results in a uniquly finished product with a large amount of bio-fill - unlike any standard filament.

You can purchase the filament here.

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